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DPF (A diesel particulate filter) is a device that traps the soot (unburnt fuel particles) from diesel combustion engine.

DPF or diesel particulate filter is used to meet tougher emissions standards as a diesel particulate filter captures more than 90% of all diesel emissions.

You may have observed that 2007+ diesel vehicles never exhaust black smoke. From Dodge Cummins 6.7 to Ford Powerstroke 6.4, almost all trucks come with a DPF.

DPF delete kits: You may also have observed, from time to time, a light on your dash alerts you that the DPF is  “cleaning filter”, which means DPF was filled up past its acceptable limit. Once the DPF has become "full" of soot, it will need to have a regeneration cycle in order to burn all the soot out. The EGR introduce hot exhaust into the intake to get the exhaust gas temperature higher.  The EGR injects a small amount of fuel into the cylinders, the exhaust temps and the fuel, then burn out the soot that the DPF has collected. The cleaning cycle is different from vehicle to vehicle depending on use and engine condition.


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Common problems with the DPF system:

Here are a few common problems that you have to face with factory fitted DPF system;

·         Poor Fuel economy

·         Excessive regents

·         High replacement cost

·         Restricts performance modifications

In conclusion, if you are looking for some serious horsepower for the drag strip or for off-road driving, there are some extremely impressive fuel economy gains to be had by removing the DPF filter. Contact for converting your truck into incredibly powerful vehicle that get great mileage and have wonderful torque.


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